Soo.. What Exactly Is this ‘K2 Herb’?

DSC00340 300x225 What is K2 Herb and Where To Buy K2 Herb?K2 Herb is a brand name of a product sweeping the world, ‘Fake Weed‘.  Basically it is a blend of herbs and other ingredients which, when smoked, gives you a euphoric ‘high’ as does Marijuana.

Let’s take a step back.  In 2001, Dr. John W. Huffman, an organic chemist, was testing and analyzing the effects of chemicals on certain receptors, specifically cannabinoid receptors.  A certain chemical was reacting 5x as strong to these cannabinoid receptors, which is what gets you high when you smoke weed.   Now what exactly is this chemical that we are smoking??

JWH-018. In 2002 it was found to be the main ingredient in a ‘herbal incense’ called Spice, and soon everyone caught on.  People who take mandatory drug tests (probation, jobs, etc) can now still get high, and the whole thing can be LEGAL?!?!  Well, thats how K2 Herb came to be so popular.

All K2 herb blends contain a variety of herbs to make for a nice smoke.

There are many counterfeit blends on the market that claim to be ‘K2 Herb′, but they are really just making it themselves.  The only kind of K2 that is from the original manufacturers is K2 Summit, K2 Standard, and K2 Blonde.  However there are some new products out now, K2 Blue, K2 Pink, and K2 Citron along with a few others coming out soon.  All of these are new products and there is not much information about them.

Be careful when smoking K2 herb or any other type of incense blend.  Like I said, you get high from the JWH-018, which is a research chemical, meaning there is no solid scientific information about it.  The thing about research chemicals is that there is thousands of different kinds, all with different effects.  You could be smoking JWH-018, or maybe your bag had JWH-072 in it, which is a TOTALLY different high.

I can’t stress this enough, be careful when experimenting with any kinds of k2 herbal incense.  When trying a new type, ALWAYS do the following:

  1. Take 1 hit of k2 herb
  2. wait 15 minutes
  3. Decide whether or not you want another.

One of the ways people abuse K2 herb incense and give it a bad name is because they smoke WAY too much, thinking that they can handle it.  If you follow that method of waiting after your first hit, then you can really get a feel for how strong the incense is.  Some blends, like Mr. Nice Guy, have people losing their fucking minds because they smoked too much!

Everyones body is different.  the only way to judge the effects of k2 herb is to try it yourself.

How much does K2 Smoke or K2 Herb™ cost?

K2 Herb™ or Spice Incense can be ordered online from anywhere from $10-$50 per gram based on the quality and quantity. We only carry 100% Legit, Official K2 Brand Incense and with the maximum potency K2 Herb™ obtainable anywhere at some of the most aggressive prices on the market. In fact we possess a lowest price assurance on all orders! If you are searching for the newest K2 Herb Blend flavors than you must also check out our online store which is loaded full of the most recent K2 herb flavors and varieties.

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Where can I buy K2 Herb™ online?

You can buy k2 herb right here through our online store link. We use secure credit card processing with free home delivery on all orders. All orders are shipped USPS mail in an unmarked bubble mailer or envelope to ensure discreet delivery. We now Ship everywhere in the world and Our k2 herb is 100% Legal everywhere!

Be careful, and Have Fun!